28 September 2010

Picture Time Pretty Soon

A glimpse of where I'm at. This is post-yohimbine cycle + carb-up. I was 175 lbs in this photo. Within the span of a day, that weight dropped to 168, and I suspect it'll continue to do so as I taper the Y, carbs, and cardio for my shoot. I feel soft, bloated, and watery. The final row of abs continues to elude me.

21 September 2010

Guinness Stout Is Better than Draught in a Bottle

Doesn't feel like a diet yet, which is good.

Last week's weight (9.14) - 166.2
Current weight - 161 (post carb-up/yohimbine)

My daily dessert: pudding parfait

Still to do:
Ichigo daifukumochi - strawberry ice cream dumplings
Peach pancakes
Apple bread pudding

Now entering my 3rd week of low carb and so far, no major speed bumps.

14 September 2010

Snickerdoodles, Sam Adams, Supplements, Salad, and Sorbet

Weight (9.14) - 166.2 lbs (post-carb up/yohimbine)

Tuesday, 9.7
TOTAL: 1201 kcal, 142g carbs, 106g protein

2 slices bread
10g fish oil
2 boxes raisins
2 bananas
3 scoops protein

Wednesday, 9.8
TOTAL: 1621 kcal, 67g carbs, 154g protein
Fasted NEAT: 5 hours retail

Turkey meatball salad
1 slice bread
1 box raisins
1 bottle Apricot Ale

07 September 2010

Shifting Into High Gear with Yohimbine, Low Carb, and LISS

I'm at a point - & weight - that's very close to my previous best in terms of leanness (weighed in at 164 this morning). Last run-through, I finished off with a 2-day fast that brought me down to 158 lbs.

This time, it'll be a complete diet/training overhaul for the final 4 weeks of my cut. The goal is to push for the last row of abs to show. The new IF protocol:

Weeks 1 - 3
1. Low-carb diet (~60 grams daily)*
2. Protein at 150 - 180 grams daily
3. Rest of calories will come from fat, chiefly fish oil (10 caps daily) + coconut oil
4. 1600 - 1800 calories daily
5. 2 meals daily (1st meal is protein/carb, 2nd meal protein/fat)
6. Yohimbine/caffeine supplementation
7. Fasted cold morning/evening LISS most days of the week
8. Split training (3 on, 1 off) most days of the week**
9. Little to no carb-up days
10. Beer on most evenings