02 February 2011

My first DEP Call, Boot Camp Prep, and Family

Had my first DEP call on 02022011 at 0930. Agendas for each DEP call are usually the same:  report to your recruiter's office, sign in, weigh in, and pair up with a fellow depper to perform exercises required for the AF Physical Fitness Test (PFT). It is a way to hold the deppers accountable and prevent them from self-eliminating on physical grounds.

Aside from that, DEP calls also consist of occasional briefings on things like saluting and reporting statements.
My results:
Weight - 169 lbs
Push-ups - 48 (1 min)
Sit-ups - 57 (1 min)
1.3-mile - 10:16

Not too bad, but drastic improvement definitely expected in the coming weeks.

Below is a log of my Warhawk training so far.

1.5-mile run, 12:03
Push-ups, 3x20
1.5-mile run in 11:08
Push-ups, 3x21
Sit-ups, 3x17
Pull-ups, 2x4
1.5-mile run, 10:23

My ultimate goals:

Weight: 155 lbs
Push-ups: 80 (1 min)
Sit-ups: 90 (1 min)
Pull-ups: 20
1.5-mile: 8:00

I've also been spending time reading up on BMT to be as prepared for it as possible. It'll save me that much more stress going in.

Study topics include:
The Airman's Creed
AF Core Values (integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do)
U.S. Chain of Command
The NATO alphabet
Reporting statements
Detail assignments at BMT
The impossible: the ins and outs of maintaining one's wall locker
Enlisted and officer ranks, pay grades, and insignias
American policy on nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare (respectively, use first if need be, never use, and use if enemy uses first)
The SPORTS protocol for a jammed rifle (slap, pull, observe, release, tap, squeeze/shoot)
The weight, length, capacity, and shooting range of a standard-issue M16 (7.78 lbs, 39 5/8 in., 30-round capacity, maximum range 3600 m, maximum effective range 550 m)
Folding hospital corners on beds
Commands and positions
DLAB (not for BMT)

Though living in a college town with housemates who sleep late makes it difficult, I'm striving to wake up at 0415 every day; a day at BMT starts at 0445 and will be that way for 8 1/2 weeks, so I had better get used to it now. I'm still holding back on buying all the things I'll need for basic until I get everything squared away at MEPS.

Currently, I'm following Stew Smith's push-up and pull-up programs, which I hear dramatically increase both in only 2 weeks. I'll report my results when I finish.

Recently, I decided to take a head count of how many members in my extended family have or continue to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. I know a lot of guys who come from a long line of service and didn't realize that I have as well.

My grandfather served in both the Navy and Merchant Marines. 4 of his 5 sons - my uncles - served in either the Army or the Navy. 3 of those 4 were career servicemen, and 1 continues to serve in the Army to this day. The son who didn't serve - the youngest of the 5 - is my father. I have 1 other uncle who was a career serviceman in the Navy, a cousin who served in the Marine Corps, and another cousin who plans to join the Air Force with me.

On my mother's side, I have an uncle who was a career Airman and is now in law enforcement. His daughter also served in the Air Force, and his son-in-law, her husband, currently serves. Now, I believe it's my turn to carry the guidon.

On a side note, I've been watching the television series "Surviving the Cut" on the Discovery Channel. It covers the (thoroughly exhaustive)  training courses of the different special operations forces of the U.S. military. Just the physical requirements that would grant a serviceman a shot at attending these courses dwarf those required to earn the Warhawk from BMT.

Lastly, I ran into a Marine Officer recruiter last week and it got me thinking, at least for a bit.  But it didn't take long to get back on track. The Air Force is what I want. It's only a matter of a time. I can't wait to cross into the blue.

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  1. Is your goal a little unobtainable? And how far are you to your goal?