30 March 2011

My Blood Test Results and What to Bring to Basic

Before that though, here are the results of today's 'DEP Call'. Because today wasn't either the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month, which I didn't realize until I arrived at the office, the deppers were not meant to meet today. But some showed up anyway, and the only exercise done was push-ups.

Stew Smith's program hasn't failed me yet. Today I heard that the record at our office is 99 push-ups; I'd like to beat that one day.

Also, an erratum: the fitness standards for the Warhawk that I posted were wrong. There has been a lot of confusion on which numbers apply to special operations candidates (pararescue jumpers and combat control technicians) and which apply to the rest of the trainees at Lackland.

Following are the Warhawk standards, last updated in 2009:

If the above is accurate, then I am dangerously within reach of the Warhawk.

16 March 2011

Nearing 75 Push-ups, Running Economy

4th DEP call on 16032011 at 0930. Still no new faces at the recruiting office (whew). The MEPS in San Jose did not process any new applicants for 2 straight months, and so I can understand why things are moving slowly up here.

Couple of interesting things in the office this morning. First, 2 former deppers who graduated from BMT and technical school (which follows after BMT) returned to participate in today's call and answer questions about tech school. Second, a girl in our DEP was TDQ'ed (temporarily disqualified) at MEPS for what the doctor believed to be cuts on her wrist, which warranted a psychological evaluation. The more I read and hear, the more I fear MEPS.

My push-ups continue to improve and I'm very happy with the results so far. Based on the consistent progression I've been seeing, I have no problem saying that Stew Smith's push-up program is very effective in pushing up one's repetition max. I'm shooting for at least 70 push-ups next time (currently at 66).