30 March 2011

My Blood Test Results and What to Bring to Basic

Before that though, here are the results of today's 'DEP Call'. Because today wasn't either the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month, which I didn't realize until I arrived at the office, the deppers were not meant to meet today. But some showed up anyway, and the only exercise done was push-ups.

Stew Smith's program hasn't failed me yet. Today I heard that the record at our office is 99 push-ups; I'd like to beat that one day.

Also, an erratum: the fitness standards for the Warhawk that I posted were wrong. There has been a lot of confusion on which numbers apply to special operations candidates (pararescue jumpers and combat control technicians) and which apply to the rest of the trainees at Lackland.

Following are the Warhawk standards, last updated in 2009:

If the above is accurate, then I am dangerously within reach of the Warhawk.

So, how bad is a diet consisting of burgers, burritos, Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and beer? Well, at least when coupled with prudent supplementation, exercise, youthfulness, and a consistent energy deficit that ensures weight loss, it isn't bad at all (for me, I'd emphasize).

I'll go over the major values. Glucose, 83 mg/dL; total cholesterol, 155 mg/dL; HDL, 57.1 mg/dL; LDL, 91.5. Boom. Some of the numbers could be better, but they're all within the normal ranges. Also, blood chemistries (minerals) and thyroid studies were all normal as well. So, it's looking like more McChickens, Chipotle burritos, Dublin Mudslides, and Boston Lagers for me!

Lastly,  I'd like to share a helpful video of a former depper I contacted who just graduated from basic. In it, he shares the essentials on how to pack for BMT and which toiletries to avoid. Congratulations and best of luck at tech school!


  1. You got it, Martin! Keep it up and go for broke!