16 February 2011

Stew Smith and the PULHES System

2nd DEP call on 16022011 at 0930. No new faces in the recruiting office. That is to say, no new prospects have processed at MEPS. This is what I'd expect since my recruiter told me that I'm next to go in.

Push-ups didn't improve as much as I'd hoped, but I'm still pleased with the results of former U.S. Navy SEAL Stew Smith's push-up program. The other recruiter in the office left his stopwatch running during the sit-ups, so can't accurately gauge my progress in that exercise. The run was the area in which I improved most; using a prospective pararescue jumper (PJ) as a pacesetter helped a lot. This time, I was trailing him. Next time, I hope to be running beside him. It'll be business as usual for the next DEP call. Onward and upward!

02 February 2011

My first DEP Call, Boot Camp Prep, and Family

Had my first DEP call on 02022011 at 0930. Agendas for each DEP call are usually the same:  report to your recruiter's office, sign in, weigh in, and pair up with a fellow depper to perform exercises required for the AF Physical Fitness Test (PFT). It is a way to hold the deppers accountable and prevent them from self-eliminating on physical grounds.

Aside from that, DEP calls also consist of occasional briefings on things like saluting and reporting statements.