24 August 2011

One Month to Ship to Fort Jackson, New APRT and ACRT

Soldier Leader of the Cycle

Ship Date: 11 Oct.

So stoked and ready to leave. Current weight 165 lbs. Will be 155 pre-ship. Transferred from the recruiting station in Northern California to one close to home. PT sessions at 0600 Mon through Thurs.

Earlier this year, TRADOC (U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command) began pilot testing of the new APRT  (Army Physical Readiness Test) and ACRT (Army Combat Readiness Test), which will replace the old APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test).

5 events comprise the APRT, in this order (no standards for each event have been set yet):

Shuttle run
Rower, 1 min
Long jump
Push-ups, 1 min
1.5-mile run

My goals at BCT (Basic Combat Training) graduation:

Top PT score
Soldier Leader of the Cycle
Expert Marksman

1 month to prepare.

-SPC Bernardino