16 May 2011

A Ticket to Sacramento MEPS for My Physical Examination

U.S. Army Job Selection
After a 2nd visit today to Sarge's office that involved more paperwork signing, my recruiter gave me a list of currently open jobs and asked me to rank my top 3.

My picks:
1. 35 Fox, Intel Analyst
2. 35 November, Signal Intel-Analyst
3. 68 Whiskey, Health Care Specialist

After some discussion, I went with my first pick. With that, my recruiter reserved my slot for MOS 35F, Signal Intel-Analyst pending additional mental, moral, physical, and administrative screening, and booked my ticket to MEPS.

The Trip to MEPS
I will sign on for 3 years, 30 weeks with a signing bonus of 2000 dollars payable upon my assignment to my first permanent-duty station, PDS, after boot camp.

I was projected before 1200 today and will report to my recruiter's office this Wednesday, 18 May 2011, at 1300. From there, I'll be picked up and taken to the hotel near MEPS to room with a fellow applicant for the night.

The following day (the physical) will begin early at 0415 and end around 1730 with job selection and  the swear-in ceremony. I'll contract as an E-4, Specialist. The contract is legally binding and will mark my entry into the DEP.

My Ship Date
My ship date to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, is 21 November 2011. That gives me a little over 6 months in the DEP to prepare for boot camp. At Fort Jackson, I'll spend 12 weeks, 4 days undergoing basic training, BT, before going through 16 weeks, 4 days of advanced individual training, AIT, at Fort Huachuca, Arizona for my job.

I'll officially complete training on 03 March 2012 and  be assigned to my PDS. It would be nice if I were given my preferred station that was filled out on my dream sheet, but I'll gladly serve where I'm needed.

I'm excited to serve and hope that MEPS will grant me this privilege.

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