31 August 2010

Bravo for Ben and Jerry's, Burritos, Burgers, and Beer

No accompanying article this time. Just a log update of the last week, with more photos.

Plans for next 3 days:

Today, Tuesday (8/31): Heavy training day + 1200-1500 kcal
Wednesday (9/1): Depletion session + 1200-1500 kcal
Thursday (9/2): Fast
Friday (9/3): Daytime fast + huge dinner


My Previous Week's Diet (8/24 - 8/30)

Highlight meals:

1. Grocery shopping

2. Diner dinner pt. 1: appetizer

3. Diner dinner pt. 2: double cheeseburger (friend ate the fries)

4. After the diner: Surfin' Bird sub

5. After the Surfin' Bird: pint of BandJ's + Dos Equis (burritos not shown)*

*Inspired by the creations of an extraordinary forum user known as wave_length.

6. 2 burritos + pint + 3 scoops protein powder (not shown)

Weigh-in 3 weeks ago (8/9): 175 lbs
Weigh-in 2 weeks ago (8/16): 168.2 lbs
Weigh-in 1 week ago (8/23): 178 lbs (post carb-up)
Weigh-in Tuesday morning (today, 8/30): 169 lbs (post carb-up)**

**I weighed in as low as 164 during the week, but the carb-up/yohimbine are skewing the readings.

Tuesday, 8/24
1730 kcal,  124g protein, 135g carbs

Wednesday, 8/25
1590 kcal, 29g PRO, 154g CHO
Thursday, 8/26
Carb-up: burgers, burritos, Ben and Jerry's, and beer (photo above)

Friday, 8/27
1500 kcal, 109g PRO, 124g CHO

Saturday, 8/28
2000 kcal, 108g PRO, 200g CHO

Sunday, 8/29

Monday, 8/30


Training (8/24) - Heavy day

Bench press: 225 lbs, 1x3
Seated military press: 160 lbs, 1x5
Deadlift: 315, 1x4
DB curls: 40 lbs, 1x6
DB side raises: 32.5 lbs, 1x6
DB front raises: 22.5 lbs, 1x8
DB rear raises: 225. lbs, 1x8
Machine rear raises: 130 lbs, 1x7
DB shrugs: 100 lbs, 1x6


Training (8/26) - Pre-feast depletion

Leg press: 90 lbs, 3x20
Leg curls: 50 lbs, 3x20
Machine bench press: 115 lbs, 3x15
Machine row: 80 lbs, 3x20
Machine lateral raise: 30 lbs, 3x15
Calf raise: 70 lbs, 3x12
Rope pressdown: 70 lbs, 3x15
Barbell curls: 50 lbs, 3x12
Bosu ball crunches: 2x15
Hanging leg raises: 1x15


Training (8/27) - Depletion again***

Leg press: 90 lbs, 3x20
Bosu ball crunches: 2x12
Hanging leg raises: 1x12
Ab coaster: 20 lbs, 1x12
Decline sit-ups: 1x8
45-sec plank
Leg curls: 50 lbs, 3x15
Machine bench press: 115 lbs, 3x15
Machine row: 80 lbs, 2x8
Cable incline flyes: 17.5 kg, 2x8

***These depletions are the only way I can slightly account for the carb-ups.


  1. dude considering your low intake of calories, you've held onto quite a bit of strength.

    now let's see some squats :)

  2. so you ate that diner food and then had a sub and a pint of B&Js and then a beer!? And this was 1500? Or was this the big meal?

    I am wondering what your method is. I eat once a day and I work out fasted. I usually try to be low carb with 1-2 times of week of much higher carb meals. Do you think this would work? I am female, if it matters.

  3. Nice strength retention. Keep up the good work.

  4. thanks for the update. and thanks for being honest about what you are eating/drinking. keep up the great work and keep everyone posted!

  5. Martin- I have a question. Do you find your appetite suppressed a bit after fasting for 16 hours or longer? I have done Eat Stop Eat (can't say enough good things about Brad Pilon) for about 1 year and noticed that the day after a fast, my appetite is about half of what it normally is after eating 'regularly' for 3-4 days.
    Thanks and keep it up!

  6. Sorry for getting back to you guys so late! A research paper does not a happy student make.

    Kuya Wilmar,
    Yeah, so I can't complain, right? Still, as long as I'm dieting, I can only go down. Must finish soon.

    And no squats for me - I have too much bubble butt/thigh meat! My all-time high was a 345 ATG squat; I could probably put up a little more than the bar now.


    Those meals definitely went over 1500. I need to have some give for special days. In this case, it was my friend's birthday, & there was A LOT of give.

    My routine mirrors yours exactly. I usually eat 1x/day. I train fasted or after having BCAAs. I am low-carb (~150g), minus 1-2 days of higher intake (~300-400g). Based on how well it's worked for me, I'd say it will continue to work wonders for you. We're surprisingly very similar.

    And to reply to your comment on my last entry, I'm also lenient in my food choices - as you can tell - & I usually eat 1x/day for satiety reasons. I've never considered testing for ketosis while on IF. Thanks for the idea!


    Thank you, & thanks for dropping by again.


    I just want to hold myself accountable so I don't mislead anyone. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Yes, my appetite is blunted after a fast (up to 48 hours, in my experience, & it just gets better).

    My cousin asked me your same question this morning. Based on what he told me, I like the Eat Stop Eat setup. I'm considering adding more 24-hour fasts (consecutive or non-consecutive) as I near my diet's end while gauging how it affects my strength. Right on, Chris!

    Keep me posted on your progress; your experience could be a valuable data point regarding longer fasts.

  7. Your calories are quite low - what are your stats? How long have you been eating at this calorie range?

  8. Cookie Monster,
    I'm 5'9" & recently have been fluctuating between 168 & 178 lbs, depending on carb/beer/total calorie intake.

    I've been going as low as 1200 kcal/d for the past 6 months. These low-calorie days are balanced by days of much higher intake. My diet's more enjoyable this way.

    Strength has not dropped, except on the bench press & squat - 2 exercises I'm deliberately neglecting so I can shrink my chest & butt. Trust me, if you saw me in person, you'd agree on how disproportionate this recovering bench/squat addict looks. And these days, proportion is what I'm after.