07 September 2010

Shifting Into High Gear with Yohimbine, Low Carb, and LISS

I'm at a point - & weight - that's very close to my previous best in terms of leanness (weighed in at 164 this morning). Last run-through, I finished off with a 2-day fast that brought me down to 158 lbs.

This time, it'll be a complete diet/training overhaul for the final 4 weeks of my cut. The goal is to push for the last row of abs to show. The new IF protocol:

Weeks 1 - 3
1. Low-carb diet (~60 grams daily)*
2. Protein at 150 - 180 grams daily
3. Rest of calories will come from fat, chiefly fish oil (10 caps daily) + coconut oil
4. 1600 - 1800 calories daily
5. 2 meals daily (1st meal is protein/carb, 2nd meal protein/fat)
6. Yohimbine/caffeine supplementation
7. Fasted cold morning/evening LISS most days of the week
8. Split training (3 on, 1 off) most days of the week**
9. Little to no carb-up days
10. Beer on most evenings

Week 4
1. Take it easy on the diet & training; drop the yohimbine & LISS to lose the water retention
2. Photo shoot with the Cookie Monster (in my dreams)

Those who've been keeping up with my blog will recognize that I'm following the yohimbine protocol I outlined in one of my previous entries.

Next week's update will give the hourly breakdown of each day of the new protocol.

I sure hope this is it, but this isn't a promise that I'll get it right on the first try. This  is the point where the psychology of dieting has always beaten me before. Either I win, or my "fat boy" genes do. 

Lastly, I understand that low-carb dieting, let alone any long-term diet, isn't optimal for metabolic rate. Falling below ~120 grams/day (roughly the same number of grams of glucose the brain needs daily) does lower triiodothyronine (T3) secretion. Even a weekend carb-up won't  completely reverse this, as the time it takes for thyroid metabolism to respond to energy intake is on the order of several days to a week. The reality is that because a lowered metabolism from dieting is unavoidable, it won't do much to try & salvage it. It IS going to drop, & accepting this will help one to be more open to more dieting options, namely low-carb dieting & stimulants. Plus, exercise can make up for lowered metabolism anyway.

It's a small price many fitness enthusiasts - myself included - will gladly pay to achieve peak condition.

(Gradual thyroid adaptation to differing diets: fasting, no-carb, low-carb, & protein-sparing modified fast, PSMF)


My Previous Week's Diet (8/31 - 9/6)

Highlight meals:

1. Low-fat yogurt, Progresso, Newcastle (protein shake not shown)

2. Pastries (beer + protein shake not shown)

3. Banana, parfait, Sam Adams (protein shake not shown)

4. Salad (eaten the same evening as meal 3 above)

5. More salad (protein shake, bananas, bread not shown)

6. John Mayer in Mountain View (beer not shown)

Weigh-in 4 weeks ago (8/9): 175 lbs
Weigh-in 3 weeks ago (8/16): 168.2 lbs
Weigh-in 2 weeks ago (8/23): 178 lbs
Weigh-in 1 week ago (8/30): 169 lbs
Weigh-in Tuesday morning (9/7): 164 lbs

Tuesday, 8/31
Fast (contrary to plan)

Wednesday, 9/1
Managed to get in a high-protein, high-carb, low-fat meal before going to the bars

Thursday, 9/2
2992 kcal, 118g PRO, ~450g CHO

Friday, 9/3
Went wine tasting in Napa; meals not recorded

Saturday, 9/4
Carb-up (Panda Express, ice cream)

Sunday, 9/5
Carb-up (Panda Express, ice cream again)

Monday, 9/6
1591 kcal, 121g protein, 253g carbs


  1. I'm very interested in seeing your results with low carb. I have done low carb-ish for the better of a year and it has worked in helping me lose 10 pounds and keep it off with minimal effort.

    If you need any advice with foods etc let me know, I basically have a carb counter in my head.

    I see you like sweets (as do I). The most low carb fruits are berries and melons. If you're not lactose intolerant you can also make some amazing cheesecakes and coconut milk goodies with splenda and SF syrups.

    The split training looks interesting. I'd follow Ryan Renolds into a burning volcano.... :D

    Good luck with the abs!

  2. How many times a month do you think you'll do carb ups?

  3. Congratulations on your results with low carb! I hope to experience the same.

    I will gladly take any advice/suggestions for low-carb meals. I've low-carbed before & hated the bland nature of the diet. So send those recipes my way! Of course, I'll credit you when I photograph these particular meals.

    I actually am lactose-intolerant, but it hasn't stopped me from having my ice cream & cheesecakes. However, as the literature shows that artificial sweeteners, despite company claims, do contribute calories & increase insulin (at least in diabetics & pre-diabetics), I'm going to refrain from them. That is, unless newer studies have found the opposite.

    I won't deliberately set aside carb-up days. If they happen, they happen.

    Much thanks, Dream_Puppy. I hope to have the heart to stick it through.