14 September 2010

Snickerdoodles, Sam Adams, Supplements, Salad, and Sorbet

Weight (9.14) - 166.2 lbs (post-carb up/yohimbine)

Tuesday, 9.7
TOTAL: 1201 kcal, 142g carbs, 106g protein

2 slices bread
10g fish oil
2 boxes raisins
2 bananas
3 scoops protein

Wednesday, 9.8
TOTAL: 1621 kcal, 67g carbs, 154g protein
Fasted NEAT: 5 hours retail

Turkey meatball salad
1 slice bread
1 box raisins
1 bottle Apricot Ale

Turkey meatball salad
10g fish oil, 3 scoops protein

Thursday, 9.9 - last time I eat out for the month, I hope
TOTAL: ~2400 kcal, 260g carbs, 60g protein
Fasted NEAT: 5 hours retail

Burger King A1 Steakhouse XT Burger, large combo
1 frozen dinner
1 bottle Apricot Ale

Friday, 9.10
TOTAL: 3187 kcal, 448g carbs, 141g protein
Heavy workout: bench, military press, deadlift, side raises, curls

3 frozen dinners
7 boxes raisins
8 bread slices
2 bottles Apricot Ale
6g fish oil, 3 scoops protein

Saturday, 9.11
TOTAL: 1599 kcal, 30g carbs, 152g protein
Fasted NEAT: 8 hours retail

Turkey meatball salad

Turkey meatball salad 
6g fish oil, 3 scoops protein

SUNDAY, 9.12 - 1st day of yohimbine
TOTAL: 1632 kcal, 50g carbs, 177g protein
9-AM depletion workout
7.5mgY/100mgC @ 1 PM, 2.5mgY/50mgC @ 3 PM

1 box raisins
15g Fiber One
Chicken, cheese, broccoli cooked in coconut oil
6g fish oil, 3 scoops protein

MONDAY, 9.13 - carb-up
TOTAL: ~3500 kcal, ~550g carbs, 197g protein

Protein pudding (inspired by Martin Berkhan)

Strawberry tart yogurt
2 bottles Sam Adams blackberry witbier
Lots of strawberries
Beef jerky (not shown)



I was inspired by Martin to post photos of my supplement stacks.

My stack 4 years ago. I was very impressionable back then (nothing's changed) and bought into a lot of the marketing hype. A lot of these same products, I found later on, were useless.

Since then, my stack's dwindled down to the essentials: a multi, fish oil, calcium, yohimbine, and caffeine.

And my protein, of course.

So far, so good. Clean carb-ups, lots of NEAT at work.

Next week's plans:
1. 45-minute fasted morning LISS every other day
2. Weights 6 days/week (second attempt; didn't keep to the split training this week)
3. Two-a-days


  1. your diet would be challenging for me. keep it up. love all the beer haha. also nice way to tone down your stack over the years. you've got the essentials, plus your fat burners :)

  2. It doesn't feel like a diet to me yet, except for the whole eating less part. Any recommendations on good beer? And how is the BA? I'm considering putting my Purple Wraath back to use.

  3. dude i like drinking beer but i'm the kind of guy who isn't picky. coors light and michelob ultra are my favorites lol. if you want something full-flavored, though, i like stone pale ale and arrogant bastard.

    as for BA i'm not sure if it's aiding my recovery (hasn't been long enough to really make that conclusion), but it's definitely not hurting it. plus if you take BA pre-workout, the tingles are a good motivator haha.

  4. Ah, none of the usual beers. I will take you up on the bolder stuff though. Isn't BA meant to aid muscular endurance? The reps the Texas Method calls for don't go into that range, right?

  5. yeah i think CM and BA work synergistically to improve muscle endurance. texas method has one high volume day per week. by the intensity day which is 2 workouts later, i usually feel pretty fresh and hit my PR's.

    the tingles are a side-effect, but are pretty pronounced and feel pretty cool.