28 September 2010

Picture Time Pretty Soon

A glimpse of where I'm at. This is post-yohimbine cycle + carb-up. I was 175 lbs in this photo. Within the span of a day, that weight dropped to 168, and I suspect it'll continue to do so as I taper the Y, carbs, and cardio for my shoot. I feel soft, bloated, and watery. The final row of abs continues to elude me.

Plans for Week 4 (9/28 - 10/4)
1. Alternate-day fasting
2. Continue to use yohimbine/caffeine
3. Morning training/cardio*
4. Carb intake as close to 0 as possible
5. 1900 calories/day
6. 2.5mgY/50mgC every waking hour with the last dose at 3 PM

Plans for Final Week/photo shoot (10/5 - 10/10)
1. Drop yohimbine
2. Drop cardio/overall activity
3. Slowly reintroduce carbs
4. 2-day fast on the Friday and Saturday before the shoot (Sunday, 10.10)

*Morning cortisol helps release fat from fat cells. Morning sessions may or may not help speed things up. 


  1. how's that 2-day fast going?

  2. It ended up being a 1-day fast. After tomorrow, assuming I hear back from my photographer, it's bulk time!