13 October 2010

End of Ice Cream Diet and Photo Shoot

For Ariel and Rod, my brothers in iron.
Rest in peace, Rod. 

Start of post-diet feast (lots, lots more food followed)
My meal the night before: roast beef flatbread and strawberry ice cream dumplings


Final weight: 157

1st photo taken after my photographer and friend, Ari Simphoukham, and I finished the shoot. His style has a bold, enterprising quality, and that's why I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out in about a month!

I wasn't in the condition I planned to be in, but I feel I did the most I could with the package I had. I'll have to address my problems (i.e., last row of abs) in my coming bulk.

Check out Ari's work at justari.com! For inquiries: ari@justari.com


  1. i hope you had filipino food as part of your post-shoot feast :)

  2. Congrats really fantastic results. Just curious i see you use Ben and jerrys froyo a lot. Is that to get a big carb dose post workout or what is the purpose for that. I'm kind of new to this IF leangains type stuff trying to learn and I have been on the lower carb side of things mainly from a paleo type diet. Is the froyo more superior to say sweet potatoe? Thanks

  3. Wilmar,
    I hate to break it to you bro, but I don't eat Filipino food except at special events! I can feel the plaque build-up in my arteries just thinking about it.

    Thanks a lot! I chose their FroYo because it has less calories/fat & more total protein while still giving me that hedonistic rush. No, it's inferior to sweet potatoes if you're concerned with micronutrient content.

    But I'll also tell you that I wouldn't stand a chance on a sweet potato diet. :)