23 October 2010

The United States Air Force, Prescreening

Not BMT, but you get the idea.
My diet's over, but my training continues.

Next step: with a lot of luck and waiting, it'll hopefully be 8 weeks of AFBMT (Air Force Basic Military Training) at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas.
First, I'll wrap up everything and come full circle with the original goal of this site: to document my fat loss regimen.

Start weight: 175
End weight: 157

Date started: 8.9.10
Date ended: 10.10.10
Total days: 63
My evaluation of my results: I'm very happy with being able to return to the condition I was in back in May, although I'll honestly say I didn't surpass it like I'd hoped. The abs are still a problem - something I must wait until after I hear back regarding enlistment into the Armed Forces to address.

That leads me to my new goal: pending approval of my shipping out to basic, I want to earn the Air Force Warhawk award upon graduation.

My current predicament, in classic military style (bullet format):

1. Waiting on approval of medical papers by U.S. Surgeon General (response time anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months).
2. Assuming approval by Surgeon General, must undergo processing by doctor at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station). 

Assuming MEPS approval:
3. Will be scheduled to take DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery). Assuming high score, better chance of becoming a linguist.
4. Will enter 6-month DEP (Delayed Entry Program), which involves bimonthly PT with recruiter and other recruits to prep for life during BMT.
5. At end of DEP, will take oath of enlistment and ship out to Lackland Air Force Base for BMT.

If the whole thing is a no-go, it's a sign that it just wasn't mean to be. In the meantime, I'll prepare myself as best I can.
Currently, I'm training with a friend who graduated Warhawk from BMT herself! With her motivation, I ran a 6:27 mile this rainy Saturday morning and hope to improve this time for the 1.5-mile run done at basic.

At basic, there are 3 graduation categories:

Evaluation of performance is based on 4 components: 

1.5-mile run

To earn the Warhawk, males must meet the following criteria:

Push-ups: >75 in 2 min
Sit-ups: >80 in 2 min
Pull-ups: >10 (no time limit)
1.5-mile run: 8:08

There is also a maximum (MAW) and minimum allowable weight for a given height:
Table taken from Military.com
Assuming all goes well during the screening process, I'll strive to be ready for BMT by following a regular calisthenics/aerobics schedule. Weight training will be done 1x/week to maintain my strength.

Training with my friend and performing morning PT on campus with the Army ROTC cadets doesn't hurt either.


  1. Hey M,

    I'm thrilled to see that you're embarking on another journey in life. I've been following you through your leangains journey. I'm a leangains advocate, myself. Just to confirm, are you planning to make a career out of the army?

  2. Clement,
    Thank you for your words & for keeping up with my site. I really do appreciate it. How is IF working for you?

    The Army would be one of my alternatives, but if all goes smoothly, I hope to start my career in the Air Force. I hope all is well with you.

  3. Great news, then. I'm also thinking of pursuing a career in the army, myself. It's an avenue that I won't discount, although I aim to get into physical education teaching as well. Fasting is great and it's helped me keep in check my fat gain, especially as my exams are coming up in a fortnight and I've been desk-ridden. So, is it a long-held ambition of yours, this career choice?

  4. Monching,
    Thanks, man. How's the whey working for you? What brand?

    I see that you're in Singapore. I wonder what their recruitment process is like. I study fasted too, so I definitely know what you're saying.

    I started considering the military about a year ago. Yourself? Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!

  5. Optimum Nutrition. i think i saw it in one of your pictures before. haha! i dunno man, i hope its the rason for my weight gain considering ive been cutting down on food. hha

  6. Well, here we have compulsory National Service for all people aged 18-21. We have to serve 2 years in the army. It's supposed to toughen us up and instill a sense of national pride. I want to serve in the army as I feel it will give me discipline. It's just one of the careers I'm looking at.

    I'm following Berkhan's principles, but I'm not training at all, currently. There just isn't the time. It's now or never, at this point in time. If I do well enough, who knows, I might go for a career in nutrition!

  7. martin,

    good luck with your endeavors bro. considering your discipline and work ethic in achieving your physique goals, shifting that level of focus into this air force plan should be CAKE. light weight baby.

    you've totally got that warhawk in the bag.


  8. Mon,
    A scoop of powder will give you ~120 calories and anywhere between 20-25g protein. Even with several scoops a day, it's not usually a big factor in weight gain - especially since it helps many control their appetite. It may have to do with the rest of your diet/water balance.

    Ah, that would be a good thing to institute just to get people moving over here. I understand your school situation and can only train once or twice a week myself. I know it'll take time, but I know you'll find your niche.

    Much appreciated, brother. Nothing but a peanut. We'll see how it goes. The wait is killing me though.

  9. u are so cool.

  10. how's everything going man? new blog post anytime soon? :)